Psychotherapist and Consultant in Seattle

Approach & Specialties

As a therapist, I provide psychotherapy for individual adults, couples, and groups addressing a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, parenting, life transitions and grief and loss. I devote my practice to helping others find meaning and connection in their lives, identify their individual voices and truths and understand their roles in relationships.

The cornerstone of my practice is based on my belief that our emotions are one of the most valuable tools we have as social beings. I help individuals identify and understand their emotions, as critical information about what they need in the world and want in connection with others, which helps them thrive.

We store the majority of our emotional energy in our bodies from the neck down. I help others get out of their heads and learn to read their bodies mindfully as a way to interpret emotions and therefore, connect with themselves and others more fully. I also help familiarize clients with brain development and how it is highly influenced by our relationships. This offers us perspective as we work to shift our behavior patterns.

Counseling individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing

I have over 20 years of experience communicating in American Sign Language and familiarizing myself with the cultural values, nuances, and norms of the deaf and hard of hearing communities.   I understand how privacy can be challenging in small communities and I make every effort I can to protect one’s confidentiality.

Counseling loved ones of addicted people

My personal and professional experiences inform my work with those who have been or are in a relationship with an addicted person. Whether an Adult Child of an Alcoholic, or a parent, sibling or intimate partner of someone who struggles with addiction, I provide support in understanding the impact of addiction on relationships, and in developing tools to foster self-care and healthier attachments to others.


In addition to my psychotherapy services, I offer supervision to clinicians working towards licensure and consultation to licensed clinicians. I enjoy supporting others in their professional growth and helping them discover their unique clinical strengths, style and beliefs, while developing confidence in their skills.